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[S1E9] Flame Red \/\/TOP\\\\

The CBI team rushes to the site to find a raging fire at Police Chief Piller's house. There is screaming inside and Rigsby charges into the house to help. After a few terrifying seconds, a chair is thrown through the window and Rigsby flies out of the window with Piller on his back. His arm is in flames and Van Pelt rushes to put it out.

[S1E9] Flame Red

Cho and Rigsby are staking out Machado's house, presumably protecting him from the killer. They see Machado enter his house. Rigsby begins talking about Reese as a viable suspect. They decide to leave the stake out to talk to him again. As they drive away, Machado leaves his house with gun in hand and moves slowly towards the garage. As he looks around the barn, the door behind him is slammed shut and locked. Someone is in the barn with him. The intruder pours the ethyl ether all over Machado and flicks on a lighter. The intruder insinuates that he is Dave Martin returning for vengeance. Machado runs to the door of the barn screaming for help. The intruder descends the stairs from the loft, following the panicked Machado to the center of the barn. As he steps into the light, a horribly scarred person appears. The intruder continues to taunt him asking him why he killed him. Machado finally admits he and his friends were indeed responsible for setting the fire that killed him. In desperation he apologizes for his part in the murder. Machado is stunned to see 'Dave' pull off a mask exposing Patrick who holds up a recording device in his hand. With a smile on his face, Patrick asks Machado if his confession made him feel better. Machado grabs a large machete and threatens Patrick. Patrick tries to calm him while calling for Cho and Rigsby. Patrick realizes that Machado is still doused in the accelerant and pulls out his lighter to hold Machado at bay. Machado backs off but another voice calls to him from outside the barn. Machado looks to Patrick for some explanation but Patrick is as confused as he is. All of a sudden, a Molotov cocktail is thrown at the door starting a fire, which grows exponentially because the accelerant Patrick had spilled. Cho and Rigsby drive up as the barn becomes engulfed in flames. They call for Patrick and are relieved to see that he and Machado have escaped somehow through the back way. They notice Tommy Olds in the field behind the old tractor watching and give chase.

Larys Strong talks about the web of spies and little spiders to Alicent, and how there's a need to take out the queen in order to destroy the hive. All the mixed animal metaphors aside, it seems as though Larys' offer to Alicent was accepted. During a pass through King's Landing, a building is shown engulfed in flames, and it looks a lot like the one where Mysaria was seen in House of the Dragon season 1, episode 8. Mysaria doesn't die at this point in the book, so it can be assumed she's ok (or it's a major change), but it shows how far Larys will go, and that burning places down is second only to Alicent's feet in his list of favorite things.

Akari tells Mr. Okibi about the dragon guardian attacking the collection truck and warns him that the Spiders used natural flames to wound hunters. She asks Mr. Okibi if he can request more collection trucks to visit villages that are waiting for them. Mr. Okibi asks Akari to investigate the Spiders further and promises to request more collection trucks. After the meeting, Koushi heads to his room and meets the person who claimed to be Yokohanahime. They reveal themselves as Hibari of the Wind Clan. Their mission is to oversee the spies (the paper enemies).

Walt siphons some diesel from the RV, intending to use the generator to jump-start the battery. Some of the fuel spills over the generator. Walt connects the jumper cables incorrectly ("red to red, black to black"), causing a short-circuit, and the subsequent spark sets the generator ablaze. Just as Walt arrives with a fire extinguisher, Jesse douses the flames with their remaining drinking water. "Excuse me for thinking on my feet," Jesse says when Walt blames him for their predicament.

However, the Night Feeder's persistence would prove to be its undoing; in his desperate flailing efforts to deter it, Spear accidentally struck the ground with his namesake weapon, creating a spark that caused the Night Feeder to recoil in fear. By the time it recovered and resumed its attack, Spear had recognized its weakness; he created another spark that ignited a small flame, sending the creature fleeing in terror as its enemies began formulating a plan to turn the tables on it.

The following night, the Night Feeder found itself being terrorized by Spear and Fang, who created sparks to force it into a small clearing before surrounding it a circle of fire. With nowhere to go, the Night Feeder paced nervously before Spear threw a burning spear into its chest, causing it to erupt in flames. The creature could only futilely swipe at nothing and screech in pain before succumbing to the fire, blazing to death. ("The Night Feeder")

Shinra arrives to save the day, stomping Rekka's face into the ground with his burning foot. Rekka recovers and demands Shinra not interfere. He strikes the rookie with his Star Fist Jab and they engage in a fight. Rekka notices that his insect is drawn to Shinra's flames. He says Shinra has an unsullied flame, Adolla Burst.

Tamaki makes sure the children are safe while Rekka lies defeated. Shinra has exhausted himself and demands Rekka give himself up without any more resistance. He refuses to allow compatible children to get away and claims he will do whatever it takes for the Evangelist. Shinra demands to know what Rekka is after, but the crazed traitor believes they must turn all people to flame in order to return humanity to the Great Flame and transform the world into a second sun.

Before Tamaki escapes with the children, Rekka prepares to stop them so he can brainwash them to serve the Evangelist. Despite overusing his flames, Rekka tries to exterminate everyone there. However, Karim arrives and completely freezes him using his power. Foien Li arrives as well and they discuss the possibility of a powerful organization being behind this.

Tamaki marks the targets with her flame and Karim freezes it in order to block their view. Realizing they've been spotted, the mysterious white robes retreat. Everyone regroups and Karim uses his robe to cover Tamaki's revealed body. He tells her to be more prepared in order to avoid the children's casualties. 041b061a72

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