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(Sport>>>>) Ghana vs Sierra Leone live watch 15 October 2023

11 hours ago — 18th Match, West Africa Trophy at Lagos Cricinfo | Reddit-Stream | Innings | Score | Ghana | 112/9 (Ov 20/20) | Sierra Leone ...

The camp site we stay at is located above a watering hole where many of the animals congregate, making it an ideal spot for game viewing. The camp site also has a swimming pool, offering a refreshing afternoon dip after a long walk through the park looking for wildlife. Click Here to Read More About Week 2 Leaving the park we’ll stop at the famous adobe mosque at Larambanga, built in a West Sudanese style similar to those found in parts of Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Picking up the main highway south we’ll spend the night at the enchanting Kintampo Falls for the chance to have a refreshing swim to cool off. The journey south continues to the Ashanti stronghold of Kumasi where there are a number of things to see and do, including: Explore the sprawling Kejetia market – one of the biggest in West Africa Look around Manhyia Palace museum to admire the exhibits and learn about the history of the Ashanti royal family Stroll around the grounds of the national cultural centre and witness the crafts people at work making everything from drums to weaving textiles and crafting jewellery Take a day trip out to the sacred Lake Bosumtwi Our next stop is Ghana’s beautiful Atlantic Coastline. Parts of Guinea Forestiere (Forest Region) and northern Liberia are quite remote, and receive far fewer visitors than other parts of the region. It’s one of the most naturally beautiful parts of West Africa, but travel in the region is somewhat challenging due to varied road conditions. Click Here to Read More About Weeks 4-5 As a very rough guide, we hope to do some or all of the following during this part of the trip: Walking in the Guinea Forestiere to find one of the vine bridges the area is famed for – walking on them is at your own discretion! Optional trekking to visit the wild chimpanzees the area is famous for Trekking in the beautiful Mount Nimba Nature Reserve in northern Liberia Explore the bustling markets of Nzerekore and perhaps look around the Musee Ethnographique, home to a selection of masks and fetishes We will stop in small towns and villages to stock up on food and water as we journey between Guinea and Liberia. Next we’ll drive towards the Ivory Coast border, stopping off en route for the night to break the journey. Weeks 3 – 4: Ivory Coast Into Guinea A drive day and busy border town sees us cross into French speaking Cote d’Ivoire and the next stage of our overland adventure. We’ll first head for Grand Bassam, the former French colonial capital in Ivory Coast. This sleepy town feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the close by capital of Abidjan, where you can wander around the grand old colonial buildings, visit local artisans at work or simply kick back and relax on the golden sand beach. All being well we’ll turn off the highway and spend a night in a beautiful village in the west of Ivory Coast, where we’ll have the chance to watch a traditional dance ceremony with a stilt dancer! At the top of this page you can see a video Jeremy Hubbard made for us highlighting this stilt dance ceremony – a real privilege to get to see in such a stunning setting. Stopping in the town of Man to get supplies, we’ll turn onto dirt roads and and drive towards the border with Guinea. This is perhaps the most beautiful part of Ivory Coast, situated near the borders with Guinea and Liberia. The surrounding mountains and tropical vegetation make for a spectacular back drop, a really beautiful drive in places! Weeks 4 – 5: Guinea Into Liberia This weeks itinerary is left deliberately vague due to the nature of the area we will be travelling through. Arguably the most picturesque part of Ghana, we’ll travel short distances over the next 4 or 5 days along the south eastern edge of the lake, basing ourselves between Aylos Bay, Rootsyard, Amedzofe and Wli, before heading to the northern town of Yendi. We’ll leave it up to you to decide what you want to do on these days, but some highlights include the chance to climb Mount Gemi, trek to both Wli Waterfalls and Ote Waterfalls, visit a sacred monkey sanctuary, take a tour of the Akosombo dam, visit a drumming workshop, watch Kente cloth weavers at work or simply kick back and relax taking in the views of Lake Volta. Watch Ghana VS Sierra Leone online Watch Ghana VS Sierra Leone full movie online on Airtel Xstream Play. Enjoy streaming of full Movies. By the end of the first week we’ll be somewhere en route in the northern Volta region, where you’ll notice the change in the scenery and landscapes. Week 2: Northern Ghana To The Coast Making for the northern city of Tamale where we’ll stop to do some shopping for supplies, before continuing to the beautiful Mole National Park. The road into the park is in varied condition so it can be quite a bumpy ride at times – strap yourselves in! We have a whole day at Mole for guided walks through the park. The roads can be very narrow, sometimes with deep ruts and corrugations, and we will have to ford rivers if the bridges are not strong enough for the truck. This is truly off the beaten track travel – overlanding through a remote part of West Africa few others get to see! To reiterate – this section of the trip is totally flexible. Whilst we hope to see some of the above, no guarantees can be made, and we may have to adapt the itinerary depending upon conditions when we arrive. Either way, by around the middle of week 5 of the trip, we will have driven from the Ivory Coast-Guinea border and arrived onto the coast of Liberia. A true overland adventure you will never forget! Weeks 5 – 6: Liberia & Sierra Leone Liberia is relatively new to travellers after being closed for so long. We now head north and make for the capital of Ivory Coast in name alone, Yamoussoukro, the hometown of long serving post-independence President Felix Houphouet-Boigny, who spent huge amounts of money to make it the new spectacular capital. Here we’ll stay just outside of town – giving you a chance to marvel at the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Paix and the grand hotel with sweeping panoramic views over the cities dramatic skyline. Despite such a low percentage of the population actually being Catholic, the President spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a grand Basilica, almost an exact replica of St Peter’s in Rome! The town itself also boasts 6 lane highways that lead nowhere, grand hotels and various monuments, but all in a relatively small settlement of approximately 250, 000 people. A surreal place that has to be seen to be believed! The northern town of Korhogo is next, famed for cloth weaving, jewellery and antiques. Sierra Leone The country has remained relatively stable since then, and is attempting to recover from the war. The two main political parties are the APC and the SLPP. About ... Today: Ghana v Sierra Leone live 14 October 2023 2 days ago Today: Ghana v Sierra Leone live 14 October 2023 2 days ago — ‎Ghana... living in exile or as a free man in Ghana today ? PRIME MINISTER BUSIA : He is a ...


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