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Devon London
Devon London

Attribute allocation: Prioritize Strength and Constitution as your main attributes. Strength enhances your melee damage Dark And Darker Gold, while Constitution increases your health pool and overall survivability.

Weapon choice: Select weapons that suit your preferred playstyle. Two-handed weapons like greatswords or greataxes offer high damage output, while sword and shield combinations provide a balance between offense and defense. Experiment with different weapon types to find what suits you best.

Skill selection: Focus on skills that enhance your melee combat effectiveness. Look for abilities that increase your damage, improve your defense, or provide crowd control options. Skills like "Crippling Strike" for debuffing enemies or "Shield Bash" for stunning opponents can be valuable additions to your arsenal.

Defensive tactics: As a Fighter, your durability is crucial. Make use of your shield to block incoming attacks and mitigate damage. Timing your blocks effectively can also open up opportunities for counterattacks. Additionally, consider investing in defensive skills or abilities that grant damage reduction or temporary buffs to your defenses.

Combat positioning: Position yourself strategically during battles. Try to engage enemies in close-quarters combat, where your melee strength shines. Use your mobility to maneuver around opponents, flank them, or create openings for devastating attacks.

Party synergy: Fighters often excel as frontline tanks, drawing enemy attention and protecting more vulnerable party members. Coordinate with your teammates to maximize your effectiveness in group encounters. Communicate with healers or support classes to ensure you receive necessary support during intense battles buy Dark And Darker Gold Coins.


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