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High Quality GTR2 Add-On Tracks

On this machine, in a Winxp bottle, fps varies, but is generally between 22 and 42 fps, which is usable. My usb gamepad controller is recognised with no trouble. When running, the program is pretty stable and just about all the add-on mods and tracks work.

High Quality GTR2 Add-On tracks

For the latest in GPL new car graphics, new tracks and track graphic upgrades, and other add-ons, see Magnus Torme's superb GPL Track Database, Stefan Magnusson's terrific GPL++ The Addons, Race Sim Central, the GPLEA (also here), and the Ultimate GPL Links Page.

Greger and Roland have done a great job here balancing the conflict between good looks and good performance. Unlike some add-on tracks which have somewhat higher than normal CPU requirements, this circuit gets just about as good frame rate on my computer as the original Papyrus tracks - and yet the circuit doesn't lack visual detail.

Recently the owner of the circuit, Lord March, has revived Goodwood, and it has been the site of several superb vintage car meets and hillclimbs in recent years. This wonderful circuit is a fantastic addition to the growing portfolio of add-on tracks for GPL.

Listed in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 10tacle studios AG (security code number: TACL10) is one of Europe's leading independent development and production companies of high-end computer and video games. 10tacle studios AG ( produces top-quality products meeting international development standards and with its product portfolio it covers all relevant segments of growth in the games market. In the past business year, the company generated a turnover of 17.9 million Euros according to IFRS and was thus able to more than double its prior-year result (in 2004: 8.4 million Euros). Compared to the same period of time the year before, the EBIT increased by roughly 362% to 1,684 TEUR (in 2004: 364 TEUR) in 2005. Currently, more than 180 employees work for the company at its headquarters in Darmstadt and at the development sites in Darmstadt, Hanover, London, Charleroi, Bratislava and Singapore.

Results: We found that, as expected, maximum likelihood trees from good quality alignments were the most accurate, but also the most computationally intensive. Using less accurate phylogenetic reconstruction methods, we were able to obtain results of comparable accuracy; we found that approximate results can rapidly be obtained using genetic distance based methods. In real data we found that highly conserved core genes, such as those involved in translation, gave an inaccurate tree topology, whereas genes involved in recombination events gave inaccurate branch lengths. We also show a tree-of-trees, relating the results of different phylogenetic reconstructions to each other.

Conclusions: We recommend three approaches, depending on requirements for accuracy and computational time. For the most accurate tree, use of either RAxML or IQ-TREE with an alignment of variable sites produced by mapping to a reference genome is best. Quicker approaches that do not perform full maximum likelihood optimisation may be useful for many analyses requiring a phylogeny, as generating a high quality input alignment is likely to be the major limiting factor of accurate tree topology. We have publicly released our simulated data and code to enable further comparisons. 350c69d7ab


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