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Today: Ghana vs Sierra Leone live 15/10/2023 Live

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The largest district geographically, Koinadugu, has a much lower density of 21. 4 persons per square km. [169] English is the official language, [170] spoken at schools, government administration and in the media. Krio (derived from English and several indigenous African languages, and the language of the Sierra Leone Creole people) is the most widely spoken language in virtually all parts of Sierra Leone. As the Krio language is spoken by 96% of the country's population, [101][171] it unites all the different ethnic groups, especially in their trade and interaction with each other. There are three free terrestrial television stations in Sierra Leone, one run by the government SLBC and the other two are private stations in Freetown, Star TV which is run by the owner of the Standard-Times newspaper and AYV – Africa Young Voices. Several religious funded TV stations operate intermittently. Two other commercial TV operators (ABC and AIT) closed after they were not profitable. In 2007, a pay-per-view service was also introduced by GTV as part of a pan-African television service in addition to the nine-year-old sub-Saharan Digital satellite television service (DStv) originating from Multichoice Africa in South Africa. GTV subsequently went out of business, leaving DStv as the only provider of subscription satellite television in the country. Several organisations planned to operate digital terrestrial subscription TV services, with Multichoice's Go TV having built infrastructure ahead of getting a licence and ultimately failing to get a licence. ITV and SATCON are currently operational. Internet access in Sierra Leone has been sparse but is on the increase, especially since the introduction of 3G/4G cellular phone services across the country. Ghana vs Sierra Leone, 18th Match, West Africa Trophy 2023 4 hours ago — Catch live and fully detailed scorecard of Ghana vs Sierra Leone, 18th Match, Oct 14, West Africa Trophy 2023 on Cricbuzz. [215] In numbers, females present a lower percentage (6. 3) versus males (15. 2) when it comes to being paid employees. [215] War[edit] Children who have been forced to be part of a war have experienced severe mental and emotional damage in Sierra Leone. However, the damage and way to deal with the effects of war depends on the gender of the kids. Both genders experienced and were involved in high levels of violence. Females, experiencing higher levels of rapes, presented greater signs of depression and anxiety. [216] Males, on the other hand, presented higher levels of anxiety and hostility. Percentage of GDP by sector (2007)[153] Rank Sector Percentage of GDP 1 Agriculture 58. 5 2 Other services 10. 4 3 Trade and tourism 9. 5 4 Wholesale and retail trade 9. 0 5 Mining and quarrying 4. 5 6 Government Services 4. 0 7 Manufacturing and handicrafts 2. 0 8 Construction 1. 7 9 Electricity and water 0. 4 Annual production of Sierra Leone's diamond estimates a range between US$250 million–$300 million. Some of that is smuggled, where it is possibly used for money laundering or financing illicit activities. Margai sought to make the army homogeneously Mende, [74] his own ethnic group, and was accused of favouring members of the Mende for prominent positions. In 1967, riots broke out in Freetown against Margai's policies; in response, he declared a state of emergency across the country. Sir Albert was accused of corruption and of a policy of affirmative action in favour of the Mende ethnic group. [75] He also endeavoured to change Sierra Leone from a democracy to a one-party state. Ghana vs. Sierra Leone Online Betting. Cricket. West Africa 8 hours ago — Join us today and gain access to the latest betting odds for this biggest sporting event, which will take you a step closer to maximizing your ... They reinstated the constitution and returned power to Stevens, who at last assumed the office of Prime Minister. [78] Stevens had Bangura arrested in 1970 and charged with conspiracy and treason. He was found guilty and sentenced to death, despite the fact that it was Bangura whose actions led to Stevens' return to power. [79] Brigadier Lansana and Hinga Norman, the main army officers involved in the first coup (1967), were unceremoniously dismissed from the armed forces and made to serve time in prison. Norman was a guard to Governor-general Sir Henry Lightfoot-Boston. Sierra Leone vs Ghana Match 8 Match Live cricket Score Check Sierra Leone vs Ghana Match 8 Live match score & cricket scorecard for the West Africa T20 Trophy, 2023 cricket tournament on FanCode. [250] Along the streets of towns and cities across Sierra Leone, one can find foods consisting of fruit, vegetables and snacks such as fresh mangoes, oranges, pineapple, fried plantains, ginger beer, fried potato, fried cassava with pepper sauce; small bags of popcorn or peanuts, bread, roasted corn, or skewers of grilled meat or shrimp. Poyo is a popular Sierra Leonean drink. It is a sweet, lightly fermented palm wine, [251] and is found in bars in towns and villages across the country. Poyo bars are areas of lively informal debate about politics, football, basketball, entertainment and other issues. Media[edit] A radio listener in Kailahun Media in Sierra Leone began with the introduction of the first printing press in Africa at the start of the 19th century. A strong free journalistic tradition developed with the creation of several newspapers. Live Report & Scorecard of Sierra Leone vs Ghana Match 2 Oct 4, 2023 — Sierra Leone vs Ghana, Live Cricket Commentary ; End of over 17 (7 runs). Obed Harvey 27 (40). Godfred Bakiweyem 5 (4) ; End of over 16 (4 runs).


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