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How to Watch Tazza: The High Rollers with English Subtitles Online

How to Watch Tazza: The High Rollers with English Subtitles Online

Tazza: The High Rollers is a 2006 South Korean crime thriller film directed by Choi Dong-hoon and based on the comic series Tazza by Huh Young-man and Kim Se-yeong. The film follows a talented gambler named Go-ni who gets involved in the dangerous world of underground gambling and tries to win back his money from a ruthless card shark.

If you are a fan of Korean cinema and want to watch Tazza: The High Rollers with English subtitles online, you might be wondering where to find it. Here are some options for you:

Tazza The High Rollers Eng Sub Download 15

  • Netflix: Netflix has the film available for streaming in some regions, such as the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You can check if it is available in your country by searching for it on Netflix. If it is not, you can use a VPN service to change your location and access it.

  • OpenSubtitles: OpenSubtitles is a website that offers free subtitles for movies and TV shows in various languages. You can download the English subtitles for Tazza: The High Rollers from this link: You will need to have the film file on your device and use a media player that supports external subtitles, such as VLC or MPC-HC.

Tazza: The High Rollers is a thrilling and entertaining film that showcases the skills and risks of gambling. It has a stellar cast, including Cho Seung-woo, Kim Hye-soo, Baek Yoon-sik, Yoo Hae-jin, and Kim Yoon-seok. If you are looking for a way to watch it with English subtitles online, try one of the options above and enjoy!

If you are curious about the plot of Tazza: The High Rollers, here is a brief summary of what happens in the film. Beware of spoilers!

The film begins with Go-ni losing his entire savings and his sister's money to a pair of professional cheaters in a game of hwatu, a Korean card game similar to poker. He decides to learn the tricks of the trade from Mr. Pyeong, one of the best gamblers in the country, who teaches him how to cheat and win. Go-ni becomes a successful gambler, but also attracts the attention of Madam Jeong, a powerful and seductive woman who runs an illegal gambling operation. She lures Go-ni into working for her, and they also start a romantic relationship.

However, things take a dark turn when Go-ni learns that Mr. Pyeong has been killed by Agwi, another notorious gambler who likes to murder his opponents. Go-ni vows to avenge his mentor and challenges Agwi to a high-stakes game of hwatu. He recruits a team of experts to help him, including Ko Gwang-ryeol, a cardsharp who can manipulate cards with his fingers, and Jjakgwi, a master of deception who can fool anyone with his lies.

The final showdown between Go-ni and Agwi takes place in a secret location, where they play for millions of dollars and their lives. The game is full of twists and turns, as both sides use their skills and tricks to gain an advantage. Who will emerge victorious in this war of flowers? You will have to watch Tazza: The High Rollers with English subtitles online to find out! 0efd9a6b88


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