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📺🔴🥊👉Nikita Tszyu vs Dylan Biggs LIVE

Nikita Tszyu vs Dylan Biggs Boxing Fight 2023: Latest news, date, time, fight card, how to watch, odds and everything you need to know

Nikita Tszyu is set for the toughest fight of his career and a boxing world champion has given the rising star a reality check.

Australian boxing fans are set to be treated to a boxing “war” between Nikita Tszyu and Dylan Biggs on Wednesday night.

In the biggest domestic showdown since Tim Tszyu fought Jeff Horn, Biggs will defend his Australian super welterweight title against the younger Tszyu brother at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

Biggs, 21, is the younger but more experienced fighter, while Tszyu has the surname and firepower that makes him a major drawcard for promoters.

The build up to the fight has been overshadowed by controversy over promoter No Limit’s plans to make Biggs walk to the ring before Tszyu, a move that’s riled Biggs given boxing tradition states the champion walks out last.

Former boxing world champion Shawn Porter told “I think Nikita should be walking first. He isn’t the champion. Dylan is right. He is the Australian super welterweight champion.

“He supposed to walk second. You honour that.

“I get what Nikita’s doing. It’s great tactics. You get buzz going, people talking and beyond that, you get your opponent worried and concerned about things. It’s good tactics on both sides, I like it.”

Porter is predicting fireworks when the two young stars finally get in the ring together.

“I think this is going to be a dynamite fight, an underrated fight in my personal opinion,” he said.

“This is war. This is nuclear, right here. I can see both guys going down. We’re definitely going to see both guys get hurt multiple times during this fight.

“At the end of the day, I hate to see guys get battered, but we’re going to see some hurt on fight night on both sides, which I think is the intriguing part of boxing.”

Porter believes Tszyu’s tendency to open his shoulders and swing for the fences could go one of two ways.

He said: “It’s either going to work for Nikita or it’s going to work against him. That’s how boxing goes. This is who gets who first, 100 per cent.

“He hasn’t had anyone that can capitalise on the small mistakes that he does make. I think the biggest mistake that Nikita makes is he punches and then he stands there or he doesn’t punch and punches come at him and they touch him.

“This is definitely a fight he can’t afford to be defensively irresponsible. That’s a part of his nature. He gets hit. But he does a lot of hitting too.

Nikita Tszyu faces the toughest test of his career. Photo: No Limit.

Nikita Tszyu faces the toughest test of his career. Photo: No Limit.

Biggs is by far the toughest opponent Tszyu has faced in his short career, and Porter believes he needs to clean up his own backyard before fighting overseas.

“Nikita needs to pay some dues and now it’s time to pay dues,” said Porter, who will be commentating the fight on Main Event.

“He’s been underneath his brother on some really good cards but he can’t go to the States without paying his due here.”

Asked for a prediction, Porter said: “I really don’t know who’s going to have their hand raised at the end of this one.

“It’s hard to predict this one, I think it’s 50-50. I think the business is built around Nikita winning this one. It’s hard to bet against the business. I’d bet Nikita wins this one.”

How to watch Nikita Biggs vs Dylan Biggs fight

Tszyu vs Biggs is a pay-per-view fight you can watch on Main Event or stream via Kayo Sports.

The pay-per-view costs $59.95. You can purchase it here.

What time does Nikita Tszyu vs Dylan Biggs fight start?

Coverage of the pay-per-view card starts at 7pm AEDT.

There are plenty of fights on the main card and while boxing timing isn’t an exact science, we expect Tszyu and Biggs to enter the ring around 10pm AEDT.

What are they fighting for?

Biggs is defending the Australian super welterweight title he won earlier this year.

There’s more than just an Aussie title at stake though. For both Tszyu and Biggs, victory would represent clearing out the local competition in Australia and catapult the winner onto the global stage.

If he wins, Tszyu would likely soon be fighting on the undercard of older brother Tim’s fights in the United States.

Both fighters are also fighting to keep their undefeated records intact.


Nikita Tszyu

Record: 7-0 (6KOs)

Weight: 69.60kg

Age: 25

Dylan Biggs

Record: 10-0 (7KOs)

Weight: 69.46kg

Age: 21


Tszyu enters the fight once again as the favourite, while Biggs’ odds have lengthened slightly in the days leading up to the fight.

Tszyu win — $1.35

Tszyu win via KO/TKO — $2.10

Tszyu win via decision — $3.25

Biggs win —$3.10

Biggs win via KO/TKO — $7.50

Biggs win via decision — $5.50

Draw — $17


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