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How to Sync Audio and Video with Red Giant PluralEyes 4.1.1

How to Sync Audio and Video with Red Giant PluralEyes 4.1.1

If you are a video editor, you know how important it is to sync your audio and video clips perfectly. But sometimes, using clapboards or timecodes is not enough or not possible. That's where Red Giant PluralEyes 4.1.1 comes in handy.

Red Giant PluralEyes 4.1.1

Red Giant PluralEyes 4.1.1 is a software that analyzes the audio from your cameras and audio devices and syncs them up in seconds[^1^] [^2^]. You don't need to switch between applications, as you can use the power of PluralEyes directly inside of Premiere Pro with the help of the PluralEyes Premiere Pro Panel[^2^].

PluralEyes 4.1.1 has lots of new features to make syncing your audio and video easy, such as automatic drift correction, vertical track scaling, track comparisons, keyboard shortcuts, color coding, and more[^3^]. You can also export your synced timeline to other editing software such as Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, and more[^3^].

To use PluralEyes 4.1.1, you need to have a Windows or Mac computer with at least 4 GB of RAM and a compatible version of Premiere Pro[^3^]. You can download a free trial of PluralEyes 4.1.1 from the official website of Red Giant[^1^] or buy it for $299[^3^].

PluralEyes 4.1.1 is a must-have tool for video editors who want to save time and hassle when syncing their audio and video clips. With PluralEyes 4.1.1, you can focus on the creative aspects of your editing and leave the technical details to the software.

If you want to learn how to use PluralEyes 4.1.1, here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Open Premiere Pro and create a new project or open an existing one.

  • Import your video and audio clips into the project panel and drag them to the timeline.

  • Select the clips you want to sync and right-click on them. Choose "Synchronize with PluralEyes" from the menu.

  • A new window will open with the PluralEyes interface. You can see the progress of the syncing process and adjust some settings if needed.

  • When the syncing is done, click on "Export Timeline" and choose your preferred format and destination.

  • A new synced sequence will be created in Premiere Pro with your audio and video clips aligned.

That's it! You have successfully synced your audio and video clips with PluralEyes 4.1.1. You can now edit your sequence as you wish and enjoy the results.

PluralEyes 4.1.1 is not only a great tool for syncing audio and video clips, but also for enhancing your audio quality. PluralEyes 4.1.1 has a built-in feature called "Level Audio" that automatically adjusts the volume of your audio clips to make them consistent and balanced. You can also use the "Replace Audio" feature to replace the audio from your camera with the audio from your external recorder, which usually has better quality.

PluralEyes 4.1.1 is a versatile and powerful software that can handle any audio and video syncing challenge. Whether you are working with multiple cameras, multiple audio sources, different frame rates, or different formats, PluralEyes 4.1.1 can sync them all with ease and accuracy. You can also use PluralEyes 4.1.1 to sync music videos, documentaries, interviews, weddings, live events, and more. e0e6b7cb5c


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