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Lajja Tun Nesa: A Book of Black Magic in Bangla

Lajja Tun Nesa: A Book of Black Magic in Bangla

Lajja Tun Nesa is a book of black magic in Bangla language that claims to teach the art of sorcery and occultism. The book is attributed to Asal Lojjatun Nesa, a mysterious author who is said to have mastered the secrets of black magic. The book contains various spells, rituals, talismans, and charms for various purposes, such as love, wealth, health, protection, revenge, and more.

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The book is very popular among some people who are interested in black magic and want to learn its techniques. However, the book is also very controversial and has been banned in some countries for its harmful and immoral content. The book is considered to be dangerous and unethical by many scholars and religious authorities who warn against its use and practice.

The book is not easily available in the market and is often sold illegally or secretly. Some people try to find the book online and download it for free. However, this can also be risky and unreliable as some websites may contain viruses or malware that can harm the computer or device. Moreover, some websites may provide fake or incomplete versions of the book that may not work properly or cause harm to the user.

Therefore, it is advised to avoid reading or using Lajja Tun Nesa or any other book of black magic as they can have negative consequences for the user and others. Black magic is forbidden by many religions and cultures as it goes against the natural order and divine will. It can also backfire on the user and cause more harm than good. Instead of resorting to black magic, one should seek help from God or other positive sources of guidance and support.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of black magic are:

  • Intense cold sensation on the chest or shoulders, suffocation[^2^]

  • Tachycardia, especially in the three days corresponding to the Full Moon[^2^]

  • Stinging sensation in the neck, on the solar plexus (in correspondence of the heart)[^2^]

  • Burning sensation[^2^]

  • Painful contractions in the head, at the level of the solar or cardiac plexus[^2^]

  • Nightmares, insomnia, or sleep paralysis[^3^]

  • Unexplained mood swings, depression, anxiety, or fear[^3^]

  • Physical and mental fatigue, weakness, or illness[^3^]

  • Loss of interest in life, work, or relationships[^3^]

  • Obstacles and failures in personal and professional endeavors[^3^]

  • Bad luck, accidents, or misfortunes[^1^] [^4^]

  • Feeling of being watched, followed, or attacked by invisible forces[^1^]

  • Hearing voices, seeing shadows, or feeling presences that are not there[^1^]

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek help from a qualified spiritual healer who can diagnose and remove black magic from you. There are various methods and techniques to counteract black magic, such as prayers, mantras, rituals, amulets, talismans, herbs, oils, etc. However, you should be careful and avoid falling into the trap of fake or fraudulent healers who may take advantage of your situation and charge you exorbitant fees or harm you further.

The best way to protect yourself from black magic is to strengthen your faith in God and follow His guidance. You should also practice positive thinking and affirmations, meditate regularly, cleanse your aura and chakras, and surround yourself with love and light. By doing so, you will raise your vibration and create a shield of protection around you that will repel any negative energy or influence. e0e6b7cb5c


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