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Drag And Drop AMP Story Creation Tool: MakeStories

The Web Stories for WordPress plugin, built by Google, will help you easily create and publish your Web Stories on your WordPress site. The editor includes templates, a drag and drop builder, space for custom branded elements, and you can grab existing assets from your WordPress Media Library.

Drag and Drop AMP Story Creation Tool: MakeStories

Download Zip:

Currently, there is an AMP Stories plugin for WordPress that makes it simple to drag and drop text boxes, upload pictures, designate transitions, and easily arrange elements on different pages of a story. While the plugin makes it simple to quickly create a story, it does limit the versatility of your story.

The canvas area includes the title, publishing options, trash, copy, add new page, undo, redo, a preview, and a grid view to see multiple pages at once. Clicking on the content gives you some drag and drop tools to resize and move the content. It also opens the options for the design tools in the right.

If you are using WordPress, you are in luck. Google recently released an official Web Story plugin that enables users of WordPress to create Web Stories using the drag-and-drop style. The drag-and-drop interface has templates that will significantly help you create your Google Web Story.

As you may know, planning makes perfect. Before you jump right into creating your story, plan it out first. Remember, these stories consistof multiple panels with graphics, links, videos, and CTAs. By planning how you want your story to look, you can streamline the process foryour web story creation.

Almost as popular as the WordPress plug-in is Make Stories. This is a code-free piece of software witheasy-to-use drag and drop features to create a unique Google Web Story. There are dozens of different elements to use and full support for avariety of platforms like WordPress, widget embedding, and more. 076b4e4f54


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