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What is Asian handicap – Tips for playing Asian handicap from experts

Asian handicap is no longer unfamiliar to betting enthusiasts who love football betting. This is a simple type of bet, easy to play, and especially offers extremely large rewards. To understand more about Asian handicap, let's explore computer soccer tips in detail in the following article.

Detailed explanation of what Asian handicap is

Asian handicap is known as a popular type of bet in football betting. Unlike pre-match betting types, the handicap starts when the match is in progress. People can bet at any time they want. According to evaluations, this type of bet has relatively high odds, receiving favor from many players. This is also an opportunity to help players recover and quickly regain their capital.

For example, there is a match between two teams, the US and France. People will follow and observe the match until the first half over/under odds decrease to 0.75. At that time, the match is at its climax, and there are many situations that could turn into goals, so players should quickly bet on the handicap. It is very likely that one of the two teams will score first for players to bet on.

Some popular types of Asian handicap in matches

Participants in betting must follow the development of the match and analyze possible situations. From there, make accurate Asian handicap betting decisions. Here are some common types of handicap betting for players to choose from.

Playing Asian handicap for the second half and the whole match

Playing Asian handicap for the second half is a betting method that even newbies can participate in. For the second half handicap, players need to remember the following rules:

If in the first half, the number of goals scored is over two, then players should not bet on the second half handicap immediately but wait until the second half to bet.

If the first half has fewer than two goals scored, players should bet on the leading team of those goals. Or players can wait until the point when the two teams are separated by one goal to place bets.

Playing Asian handicap for 15 minutes

Asian handicap for 15 minutes is a form of betting within the first 15 minutes of a football match. This bet does not count overtime or penalty shootouts, so the total number of goals scored in the match will depend on the predicted outcome of the handicap.

The betting results of the 15-minute Asian handicap will only count during this period. If there is any delay during this time, the bet will be immediately canceled. This specific Asian handicap period will be counted from 00:00 to 59 minutes and 14 seconds.

Playing Asian handicap corner kicks

Asian handicap corner kicks are a popular form of betting in football today, widely used by many players, also known as a side bet. Asian handicap corner kicks have two options for participants: choosing the whole match or the first half.

The betting result will be based on the number of corner kicks during the official playing time. The official playing time for the first half is from 30 to 40 minutes, and from 60 to 80 minutes for the whole match. Therefore, if betting on Asian handicap corner kicks in the first half, players should watch matches with the least number of corner kicks from 2 to 3 or more to choose their bets.

For betting on the whole match, players should choose matches with high competition. This will increase the number of corner kicks in the match.

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Revealing the Winning Secrets with Asian Handicap Betting

Once you've grasped the concept of Asian handicap betting, you'll likely want to increase your chances of winning in this form of sports betting. If you're aiming for triumphant victories, it's crucial not to bet on Asian handicap matches based solely on intuition. Here are some winning tips shared by experts for participating in Asian handicap betting.

Selecting Suitable Matches for Asian Handicap Betting

If you want to consistently win in Asian handicap betting, take some time to research and monitor upcoming football matches to choose a predicted handicap and then place your bet. Therefore, when the match unfolds, your task is simply to observe, take notes, and assess how the matches unfold in order to start Asian handicap betting immediately.

Analyzing Match Odds Before Placing Asian Handicap Bets

The ability to analyze match odds is crucial in making predictions and deciding on Asian handicap bets. Reading match odds requires accumulated experience. However, bettors should not overly rely on odds, as they are only accurate for a certain period of time.

Opt for Totals when Placing Effective Asian Handicap Bets

Those participating in Asian handicap betting can wager on various tournaments. Since tournaments take place throughout the year, players need to observe and carefully consider before making betting decisions to increase their winnings. However, if you notice similar trends, there will also be similar bets with the potential for significant wins.

Tips for Betting on Asian Handicap and Over/Under

Most bookmakers offer handicap bets when the results are likely to be favorable. However, bettors should expect only minimal wins. Bettors should wait until the match is underway and the odds have lowered before placing handicap bets.

Key Points to Note When Playing Asian Handicap Bets

To participate in Asian handicap betting effectively, consider the following:

Prepare a capital source and divide it into smaller portions. This helps in betting conservatively and limits the risk of losing a large amount in one go.

Patience is essential when playing and avoid continuous betting. This prevents mismanagement of capital and reduces the risk of losing.

Place bets after 15 minutes of the match to grasp the situation and make the most accurate predictions.

Avoid betting with the crowd and only rely on opinions and analysis.

Quickly rising odds may not necessarily be good, as it could be a tactic by bookmakers, so be extremely cautious.


These are insights into Asian handicap betting. Hopefully, you now have a clearer understanding betting tips 1x2 app of this form of football betting and gain experience to place accurate bets, increasing your chances of winning substantial rewards. Wishing you moments of relaxation and satisfaction in pursuing your passion for football betting.


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